How your support and money helps


JACKS JOURNEY financially supports several organisations that help children. Through Virginmoneygiving we pledge 85% of all donations to CHICKS…a national children’s charity that provides respite breaks for disadvantaged children from across the UK.

Since 1992 CHICKS has provided over 12,000 breaks for disadvantaged children. These children come from a range of backgrounds including children living in poverty or those who have suffered neglect, abuse, bereavement are caring for a sick or disabled relative.

JACKS JOURNEY is supporting CHICKS in its latest retreat, Daleside, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, which is to be opened in early 2016. JACKS JOURNEY has provided funds for a Maze to be built and intend to provide funding so that every child visiting the retreat has suitable clothing and footwear.

10% of money raised is donated to the R.A.F.Benevolent Fund…This amazing charity, which relies totally on donations, gives both emotional and financial help to bereaved families of service men and women from the R.A.F. The work they do and the difference they make is amazing and JACKS JOURNEY is proud to support them.

The remaining 5% is pledged to C.A.F.T….The Children’s Adventure Farm in Altrincham….C.A.F.T  host wonderful Christmas parties for disadvantaged children, some of these children have never known the magic of Christmas…JACKS JOURNEY helps the funding required to make sure that these parties continue and that the children involved have a wonderful and magical memory.

JACKS JOURNEY also sponsor a local Southport Football Club…PHOENIX FOOTBALL CLUB…Founded by a local couple, Michelle and Simon Marshall, The have over the last few years built up a club that welcomes children of varied talent, no child is turned away, every child is encouraged and the dedication that Michelle and Simon have shown is tireless…Next season will see every child, all 1229 of them, wearing a new kit supplied by JACKS JOURNEY. We are proud that JACKS JOURNEY is sponsoring such an amazing group of young people. Good Luck PHOENIX in every match you play…enjoy